Client Testimonials

Dear Jack:

Helen and I wanted to let you know how ecstatic we are about our landscaping project under your guidance. We think everything has come out perfectly, remarkably given the number of decisions and trade offs that had to be made. I think that is due almost entirely to your expert guidance in all areas of the project. Although I have bought a number of books on landscape design, I could not alone have come up with the concepts that we ended up implementing. And, I can't say enough about your customer focus. I very much appreciate your willingness to work with me to find ways that I could contribute to the project in ways that were practical and your advice on things that really weren't practical for me to do. Thanks for helping me through all that.

Another thing we very much appreciated was your personal involvement in the project, all the advice you offered up, and your perfect coordination of some dynamite subcontractors, particularly Edge Concrete, Double Diamond Masonry, and, of course, Fossil Creek. We found each of these to be top-quality businesses and could have asked nothing more from any of the three.

We are very much looking forward to next spring when we can finish the plantings, build the playhouse/storage shed, put in the vegetable garden, and get the grapes in. I think we'll be seeing you on our visits to Fossil Creek...we'll stop in.

By the way, I think all the plant material looks good at this point. We'll water once a month this winter and hope for the best come spring.

All the best, Marty and Helen

Marty and Helen Wilson

Dear Jack,

On behalf of Lori and myself, I would like to thank everyone at Alpine Gardens for the extraordinary efforts this summer to make our yard as beautiful as it could possibly be for Charlie and Jenny's wedding reception. In particular, we would like to recognize Mike Garcia, Dave, Fred and Bill for all of their time, hard work and skills. I know there are others whose names I cannot recall, so please extend our gratitude to all.

The evening turned out to be spectacular. The weather was great with a little cloud cover to keep things cool. Everyone had a great time and we couldn't be happier with the way it turned out.

It was a great night for Alpine Gardens as well. We received many compliments and each time I was able to explain that Alpine Gardens designed the landscape and has taken good care of it ever since.

I'm sure I have been somewhat of a nuisance for your guys and I know I can be pretty demanding, but I appreciated their patience with me and again, the extra effort put forth by all.

The landscaping still looks spectacular and we will enjoy it for the rest of the summer months.

Once again, please congratulate your team for a great job and let them know we appreciate them all.


Michael V. Shoop

Mike and Lori Shoop, Greeley


Dear Alpine Gardens:

This letter is written to express our profound pleasure and appreciation for the outstanding work you just completed on our pergola and landscaping project. All aspects of the work were accomplished in a timely and professional manner. Each day the work site was cleaned and left in an orderly fashion. The entire project enjoyed excellent communication and accountability.
We were pleased with the polite, competent and professional manner exhibited by all the Alpine employees. They were prompt, hard working and accommodating.

Lastly, we were especially appreciative of the high professionalism of Kris Nylander. We first met Kris at the Denver Home and Garden Show and noted his engaging, informative and accommodating spirit. Later he visited our home, evaluated our needs, listened intently, respected our concerns and shared his obvious professional expertise. He honored our budgetary constraints and developed an exceptionally creative plan. He was patient and generous with his time. He respected our sensitivities and shepherd the entire project to a very satisfying completion.

Thank you all for a job well done. We will eagerly share our very positive experience with all interested parties.


The Rev. Dr. Harold R. Warren

The Rev. Dr. Harold R. Warren, Fort Collins


Kris, you were our first contact with Alpine. Before our home was completed we met with you and all of us discussed ideas about the landscaping. We took into consideration the terrain of the land, thus the stunning retaining walls; the drainage, thus the beautiful plants and shrubs tucked in and around the rock. You listened to our ideas about preferences for plants, shrubs, and trees and incorporated those ideas into the final plan. With those ideas and through your expert knowledge and experience, you came up with a beautiful concept of what our lawn could look like. We were impressed with your professionalism and your caring attitude and very impressed with the final outcome after the yard was all planted and the final sod was put into place. We are so pleased, it is very beautiful.

Kyle, you are so easy to work with as we maintain the yard. We truly feel you have our best interest at heart and care. In any project there are going to be problems that come up - that is to be expected. We appreciate how you have been on top of these and everything has been worked out so well. Kyle, it is the extra little things that you do personally, and all of you at Alpine do that is over and above what is in the maintenance contract, that means so much.

As we enter the spring of 2003, Greeley is facing a continuing drought. We have appreciated your reeducating us with ideas about how you plan to protect our plants, shrubs and trees, so that we can continue to have a lovely yard and still cooperate to the fullest with Greeley's water restrictions.

We thank all of you at Alpine. You are professional, experienced and very importantly, you listen and care. We look forward to our continuing friendship and working together.


Jan Weller

Jan Weller, Greeley

Dear Jack and Chris:

Recently we engaged David Schulze to design a landscape plan for our property here in Estes. In a timely fashion the plan was forthcoming and we approved a "go ahead" for the landscape plan.

We are extremely pleased with the landscaping results along with the drip system that was put in place. But more specifically, I want to comment on the crew that did the landscaping. They were very professional, easy to visit with, personable and dedicated to "doing the job" at hand. In essence, we liked the way they went about their business of landscaping the property, and the quality of work conducted. If I were in the landscaping business, I would make every attempt to "hire them away from Alpine Gardens." They are the type of crew every employer wishes to have.

It was a pleasure to do business with the likes of Dave and the landscaping crew.


Robert Ernst, Estes Park

On behalf of Bison Ridge Construction LLC, we wanted to extend a sincere thank you for the excellent work you completed for us on the Stroh Farms project in Johnstown. We realize the time crunch this project was under and without your prompt and good work; this project could not have been completed by the completion date. Thank you for helping us make this possible.


We hope you will be interested in working for us again in the future.


Laura Tisone, President

Sean Tisone, Vice President

Bison Ridge Construction, LLC

Dear Jack,

Richard and I want to thank you for the beautiful landscape design and installation at our home. Everything, from the eater features to the placement of each beautiful tree, plant and rock, is as perfect as we'd hoped. The process was as painless as it could have possibly been as your crews were sensitive to our family's comings and goings as well as our neighborhood's sensibilities. You, Greg and Jeff were wonderfully responsive to each challenge that arose from inclement weather to changes and additions to the plan to adjusting the outdoor lighting. In addition, our Christmas lights are beautiful and it is such a pleasure and relief to know we will be able to enjoy them through the season and have no worries about removing them after the New Year.

Thank you for all your efforts and those of your employees. We look forward to working with all of you in keeping our landscaping beautiful.


Pat Gearhead

Pat Gearhead, Fort Collins

Kris is great. I can’t say enough good things about him and Alpine Gardens. They have worked for us at the Garden & Home Show doing gardens for years. There work is awesome and Kris is a true professional. He and Alpine Gardens would definitely get my highest rating.

Jim Fricke, Executive Director at Colorado Garden Show, Inc.

Kris Nylander is not only a very personable professional but very knowledgeable in his industry. He is committed to providing exceptional customer service in everything he tackles regardless if it is a small project or a large one. I have always found it a pleasure working with him.

Lydia Doty, Owner, Style Media and Design

Alpine Gardens is one of our premier landscape contractors in Colorado. Here at The Audio/Video Specialists we only work with the best landscape architects and contractors to produce amazing synergy and design between our outdoor entertainment systems and the outdoor living space in which it is intended. Alpine Gardens has provided outstanding design combined with consistent and timely project management and execution.

Eric Thompson, Owner, The Audio/ Video Specialists

FlyWater has partnered on several projects with Kris and Alpine Gardens. Kris is an excellent manager of client expectations and gets jobs done effectively and with fantastic results. We will continue to look for opportunities with Alpine Gardens because I know that our clients will be happy.

Brad Florentin, Owner, Flywater Inc

I can’t say enough about the Kris and the team at Alpine Gardens Landscape. Kris listens to what you want and then makes it happen. If you are looking for a professional who is creative and really knows his business don’t hesitate to give Kris a call.

Nathan Kimple

Kris designed and implemented a great landscaping project in our backyard. This was my first experience working with Kris and Alpine Gardens and I will definitely hire again for future projects.

Devin Jones

Kris led a project at our home and the results were excellent. We did a complete renovation of our backyard landscaping and buit an entertainment
area with a bar and grill, a fire pit, patio and a pergula for shade. The results are beautiful. If fact, our results are on the Alpine website. Take a look! Kris is conscientious, personable, and delivers results.

Mark Smith